Anubrata gets bail in 5 mins from Suri Court


Suri: The CJM Court of Suri on Monday bailed out the TMC secretary of Birbhum District. It was reported that Anubrata Mondal was granted bail within 5 minutes  of his appearance before the Court. According to Court Sources, Anubrata was granted bail on a personal bond of Rs 10,000. Hridoy Ghosh was seen iritated by the judgement of the Court and have said that there is absolute lawlessness in the State. The police and the judiciary have been bought by the higher and the powerful strata of the society.

A chargesheet was filed against Anubrata Mondal  in his speech at Parui on July 17, 2014,  where allegedly instigated party workers to hurl bombs at the police. After the incident, Hridoy Ghosh’s father Sagar Ghosh, who stood as an independent candidate at Birbhum was slaughtered to death. The following of incidents made the family of Hridoy Ghosh point finger at the Birbhum MLA, Anubrata Mandal and his men for the murder of Sagar Ghosh.