Anubrata Courts Controversy Yet Again, Threatens Party Workers


Suri: Senior TMC leader Anubrata Mandal courted controversy yet again. This time Trinamool Congress president of Birbhum district did not warn the oppositions, rather he warned party workers over Panchayat board formation.

Anubarata Mondal on Thursday called a press meet where he warned the leaders and block president over panchayat board formation. He directly uttered that he will not tolerate any disorder about the formation of the panchayat board. The party’s president and block president will take responsibility for this. If there is unrest among the party to form a board anywhere in the district, then he will take strict action.

First of all, he send the accused to the jail. Apart from this, block president post would be taken away, he threatened.

But after this comment the internal conflict has come to the public, thought oppositions leaders. He continued that many times people would not like elected Pradhan. If Pradhan will not do well then he could be removed after six months. But ‘Kesta’ does not want any unwanted situation over Panchayat bord formation.