Anubrata Calls For ‘Kirtan’ Rally Against BJP’s Rath Yatra


Bolpur: TMC Birbhum president Anubrata Mondal distributed musical instruments (khol-kartal) to ‘kirtan’ artists on Wednesday.

While addressing the programme, Anubrata criticised the BJP’s Rath Yatra and said, “Have I taken the responsibility of those who will take bodies to the cremation grounds and when will they take. Is that my responsibility? There are many crematoriums in Birbhum, Tarapith, Kankalitala, Bolpur.”

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As promised, musical instruments were handed over to 4000 artists from Bolpur’s dakbangla maidan. The programme was attended by ministers Ashish Banerjee and Chandranath Sinha. Apart from them were present the block presidents of 19 blocks. Renowned ‘kirtan’ artists Suman Bhattacharya and Anjan Upadhyay were also present. Apart from gifting instruments, the artists were felicitated too. Anubrata Mondal called for rallies using khol-kartals in every block on December 14, which is when the BJP’s Rath Yatra will be held too.

Anubrata said, “I do not know much about kirtan and hence will not speak much about it. On December 14, rallies will be conducted at Birbhum’s 19 blocks and Burdwan, Ketugram, Aousgram, Mangalkol and 5 other blocks. I believe in religion. I have held Brahmin sammelan earlier. The poor people cannot buy khol-kartal, hence being the block president I am helping them and told them that if they will help then will do this type of a programme.” Then only he lashed out at BJP.

Reporting: Basudeb Bose
Editing: Saheli Dey