Anubarata Lashes Out At BJP


Suri: Birbhum district president Anabrata Mandal on Saturday attacked saffron brigade and said that If BJP want to joint broken party together then will have to buy a good Fevicol, only then will join the party.

Extreme chaos erupted in BJP’s meeting which held in Ramkrishna hall at Birbhum. Even BJP workers got involved among themselves. BJP’s factional feud came into limelight due to this incident.

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Speaking on the occasion, Birbhum District President said, “Whenever there is a meeting of the BJP, the fights among themselves have started. They had a meeting today, there was a fight in the meeting. Kalo Sona Mondal said that I am the leader, on the other hand, Dudhkumar Mandal was saying that I am the leader.

But in this context BJP District President Ramkrishna Roy said, “There was no problem in the meeting today.”