Anti-Skimming Device To Be Installed In ATMs Soon


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police have already arrested several people over the ongoing ATM scam in the city. The citizens are in a panic over their hard-earned money. According to the police, a big racket is behind this and a look is on to nab the culprits.

The Kolkata Police has become active in curbing this menace. The investigating department are speaking with the bank authorities so that an anti-skimming device is installed in every ATMs in the city. The Lalbazaar officials have already conducted several meetings for the purpose.

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The ATM manufacturing agencies are going to install the anti-skimming devices soon. Prabir Basak, member of an ATM manufacturing agency, said, “The users will be much
safe with the installation of an anti-skimming device. If any foreign device is placed in the machine, then the anti-skimming device will object the user from entering their cards. As a result, the users will be safe from frauds. Not only this, but the device will object from the atm doing transactions.” The bank authorities will also be able to track whether their atms are safe or not.

The Kolkata Police is also active in giving out important tips and suggestions to users to keep their money safe. An official from the Lalbazaar headquarters said that the common people will also have to be very cautious amid the ongoing ATM scam. To spread awareness, the KP has also used the social medium.

Steps to stay away from ATM fraud

1. Be aware of fake calls. If anyone calls to inform that your card has been
blocked, please do not give out your personal bank details.

2. Do not give your password or OTP (one-time-password) to anyone. Keep your card
number a secret.

3. After swiping your card, be very careful in giving the pin number.

4. Do not leave the ATM in between your transaction.

5. Do not take the help of any stranger in withdrawing your money.

6. If you understand that anything is wrong, then immediately call Lalbazaar’s
anti-bank fraud helpline number 8585063907.

7.  Change your pin number after swiping your card and using your pin for the first

8. Do not write your pin number anywhere.

9. Change your pin regularly.