What Are Anti-Romeo Squads? Points To Know


Lucknow: Just two days after Yogi Adityanath took oath as the Uttar Pradesh CM, one of the BJP’s oft-repeated promises during its election campaign was formation of anti-Romeo squads “to protect the honour of women” took off with a great deal of purposefulness in the state. In its election manifesto for Uttar Pradesh, the BJP promised to create Anti-Romeo Dals (or squads) near colleges to “ensure the safety of college-going girls” and “check eve-teasing”.

In a document that has communal overtones written all over it–the manifesto has brought up issues like the Ram temple, triple talaq and Kairana “exodus”–it is not difficult to see the kind of provocation the BJP is hinting at by creating an anti-Romeo squad.

Each team to consist of two policemen. Mostly one male and one female.

Two to three teams could be deployed in the jurisdiction of one police station.

Number of teams deployed would depend on the number of schools and colleges in the area.

They will move around near schools and colleges where there are a larger number of women.

Their task is to identify eve teasers and troublemakers in a crowd.

They will move around in uniform and in some cases in plain clothes.

Teams would comprise constables, head constables, ASI and SI.

Anti romeo squads can let off miscreants with a warning, can inform parents and even initiate criminal action depending on the seriousness of the case.