Anti-Modi poem lands BJP media-in-charge in trouble


Agra: The local media in charge of BJP’s Agra unit was dismissed on Monday for posting an anti-Modi poem on Facebook, criticising the party’s support to Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and his party PDP’s acts in Kashmir.Pathik, in his post, had likened Modi’s support to PDP as feeding milk to a snake and had said that the snake will only produce poison and bite Modi as soon as it gets chance.

However, the poem was highly liked by the Congress party members as well as Hindu organizations. In connection to the poem, Pathik was dismissed from his portfolio on Monday morning by the party’s city president Nagendra Dubey Gama.

Gama claimed that the post had used very strong language against the Prime Minister and Mufti Sayeed and he was removed to maintain discipline in the party cadres. He said an inquiry has been setup against Pathik inside the party’s city unit.

Meanwhile, Pathik claimed that he had not said anything wrong and was willing to face any probe. He said the Prime Minister himself had endorsed his views in his Monday speech in Parliament and by criticising the PDP government, he had only voiced the concerns of the entire country towards this unlikely coalition of a nationalist and a separatist party.