Anti-Corruption Branch Summons Surya Kanta’s Wife


Kolkata: Former opposition leader Surya Kanta Mishra’s wife, Usha Mishra was summoned and questioned by the anti-corruption branch on Tuesday.

Usha Mishra was questioned by the anti-corruption court on Tuesday regarding her organization. They wanted to know in what way was the 29 lakhs donation, that her NGO received for their AIDs campaign, used for.

As per sources, the anti-corruption branch noticed several irregularities in the expenditure of the organization. 29 lakhs of rupees were planned for expenditure related to the AIDs campaign. But no proper statements could be shown on how the money was spent. Even the things purchased with that money, could not be shown by the organization.

It was accused that Surya Kanta Mishra, the then health minister, had donated huge amounts of money to his wife. But it was alleged that she misused the money.