Another Victim Of ‘Blue Whale’ Game In City Saved By CID


Kolkata: Couple of days back registrar of a private engineering college informed an officer of CID Cyber Cell about the suspicious gesture of a student which might be the effect of blue whale game.

The registrar of a private engineering college in Kolkata has observed a student of his college , he noticed some kind of suspicious gesture in the boy’s behaviour and predicted it could be the effect of the life threatening ‘Blue Whale’ game. So he informed the officer of CID Cyber Cell about the student’s behaviour. An official of CID Cyber Cell , Sri. Atanu rendered the boy some guidance over vedio call, the student also underwent a counseling session. He interacted with the boy introducing himself as a Cyber friend with the help of the Registrar through video call.

After the process of counseling the boy finally admitted that he was playing the said game and had already reached level 8 . He was knew very well that it was not a game but call of death. But he couldn’t stop himself from playing the game.

Over video call our officer talked with him. He along with his family members and teachers are very much happy and pleased.

With the help of the registrar and the counseling session the official of the CID WB was successful in protecting the boy from becoming the victim of the deadly game. It was the registrar and the responsible officer who looked into the case very seriously without neglecting it. The boy is completely fine and his family is very pleased to see the development in his condition.

Earlier, CID WB posted an awareness video over the deadly game ‘Blue whale’ on CID Facebook page, seeing the condition of the victims of the blue whale game. It has been noticed that mostly the students are becoming the victim of this deadly game. Few cases recently happened in India among which a student from West Bengal has also lost life playing this life threatening game. Seeing the death toll rise in India due to Blue Whale game CID WB posted this awareness to control the immediate spread of this deadly game .

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