Another Trinamool Leader’s Son Raises His Voice, Stands With NRS Docs


Kolkata: Trinamool leader and Lok Sabha MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar’s son, himself a doctor by profession, on Friday strongly condemned the attack on junior doctors at NRS Medical College and Hospital here.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Baidyanath Dastidar wrote “I stand with NRS, Bhar mein Jaye Politics (To hell with politics)” and took a stand for the doctors’ movement.

“It is reprehensible that some people try to colour doctors on political lines when they give life to serve people,” he wrote.

However, he deleted the post later. He also encouraged the doctors to carry on the protests.

“My medicos friends please carry on your struggle. Your demands are just and valid. Please do not give up. A junior (23-year-old) doctor does not join a hospital to be killed. They have the right to be protected with the best possible protection. I give complete support to the doctors’ movement,” Dastidar wrote.

Being a Trinamool supporter and son of a party leader he also “apologised on behalf of any member of the party if they had criticised any doctor”.

Trinamool supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had on Thursday alleged that the doctors continued their cease-work despite the action taken by the government and the police, and called it a “political conspiracy”.

“The BJP is trying to create communal tension (saying) that doctors should not attend to Muslim patients, other patients and they will only see BJP patients,” she had said.

Her nephew Abesh Banerjee, who is a medical student, was seen at a rally holding a placard that read: “You say we are Gods!! Why Treat us like Dogs”.

Earlier, Kolkata Mayor and state Minister Firhad Hakim’s daughter, also a doctor, had criticised the government’s handling of the ongoing doctors’ strike and said medicos had the right to “peaceful protest” and “safety at work”.