Another Light Spell Of Rainfall In Kolkata Soon

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Kolkata: The month of March sets base for Pre-Monsoon heat in the city of Kolkata. These heat spells get a break due to Pre-Monsoon rains and the Nor ’westers that travel from the Chhotanagpur region. The monthly mean for the city of Kolkata in March stands at 35 mm most of which is recorded in the form of thundershowers.

However, this year, rains have remained absent from the city of Kolkata. The absence of rains has resulted in the rising trend in the temperatures during the past few days. However, during the past 24 hours, the city has been witnessing better weather conditions during the evening and late-night hours.

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In fact, rainfall activity has been recorded over the city with Kolkata recording 0.2 mm of rainfall. This weather activity has been observed on account of a confluence zone which formed due to the merging of the dry northwesterly winds and moist winds from the Bay of Bengal where an anti-cyclone is persisting.

Clouding has been persisting in the neighbouring areas as well. While the rain bearing clouds have been light in nature, this rainfall activity is expected to occur during the next 24 hours. Today, during the late night or tomorrow early morning, Kolkata may witness some rain and thunderstorm.

Due to the persistent cloud cover, maximums have somewhat gotten arrested which will result in a marginal reduction of these temperatures.

As far as the winds are concerned, during this time, Kolkata witnesses a seasonal pattern during this time of the year. During the afternoon hours, either northwesterly winds or easterlies blow over the region. However, regardless of the wind pattern during the day, southerly winds blow over the region during the evening hours. Due to this, a slight relief is seen in terms of weather conditions during the evening hours.