Another Leader Close To Adhir Gets New Responsibility


Kolkata: Pradesh Congress’ social media co-ordinator Anupam Ghosh recently quit the party and joined BJP. He is known to be close to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. Now, another close person of Adhir has been given the responsibility. Mita Chakraborty becomes the next social media co-ordinator of Pradesh Congress.

The social media played a major role for BJP’s win in 2014. It took time for the Congress party to understand this trick of the trade. Soon after assuming the Congress president’s position, Rahul Gandhi focussed on social media. His popularity in twitter is known to all. Under Rahul’s command, the social media has become more actice. West Bengal is also not lagging behind. An executive committee has been formed taking into consideration the party’s students and youths. Many IT professional and lawyers are present in it.

Pradesh Congress’ social media new co-ordinator is a computer engineer. She also has an IT farm. She is presently professionally active in Congress party.

After getting the new responsibility, Mita said that, “In order to become active in social media, we will first have to understand the psychology of the people. We will not keep this only Kolkata-based. We will recruit observers in the districts too. We have lot of plannings on this.”