Another Godman Aressted Who Claimed To Change Gender Of Fetus


Hyderabad : A self-styled godman in Hyderabad, who claims he could turn the sex of the fetus from female to male while still in the mother’s womb with his black magic skills, has been arrested.

19-year-old Fathima was pregnant soon after she got married in August last year. Her in-laws had from the beginning harassed her for dowry despite her father giving 5 lakhs in cash, 10 grams of gold and all household items.

After receiving the news of her pregnancy, the woman’s in-laws took her to a baba, whom they followed. Baba Bhai Miya, she said, touched her private parts inappropriately as she cringed. He insisted that if she consumed some pills and herbs, and massaged a particular oil on her stomach, a baby boy would be born.

“When my pregnancy was confirmed, they took me to this baba. He touched me inappropriately. I complained to my husband and in-laws, they didn’t listen,” the woman was shrugged off by the family saying, “After God, we listen to him only. He is our God.”

When Fathima refused to go to the baba 3-4 times, a lock of her hair was cut and taken for performing black magic.

After the harsh months of her pregnancy, when Fathima gave birth, the news left her husband and in-laws infuriated – a baby girl was born. She was blamed for not following the baba’s instructions and to her utter shock, her husband, Mansoor, who works in Abu Dhabi sent her a divorce notice for not adhering to what baba told her to do. He even refused to see the baby.

Separate cases have been registered against the family and the baba under multiple sections. “We registered case of cheating, under magic remedies Act, Nirbhaya Act. We arrested the fake baba, in-laws and also issued a lookout notice for husband who is in Abu Dhabi,” said Hyderabad South Zone DCP V Satyanarayana.

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