Another Fraud Case Detected In PNB


New Delhi: The Punjab National Bank (PNB) on Thursday has detected another fraud case at a Mumbai branch, which is at the centre of around Rs 9.9 crore fraud, according to a complaint with the police.

According to reports, the new alleged fraud of around Rs 9 crore has been committed by officials of a little-known company called Chandri Paper and Allied Products Pvt Ltd.

The new complaint has been posted on the website of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Reuters said. The news agency could not reach a PNB spokesman and Chandri Paper for comment.

In this regard, the state-owned lender had filed cases against Nirav Modi and his uncle, Mehul Choksi, the owner of Gitanjali Gems Pvt Ltd. Last Thursday, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered a fresh case against two firms of Nirav Modi.

The billionaire businessman, who owns Firestarter Diamond International Private Limited, and Choksi have been accused of defrauding PNB of Rs 12,600 crore, including Rs 1,300 crore being added to the fraud kitty on February 26.

The scam that started in 2011, was detected in the third week of January this year, after which the PNB officials reported it to the concerned agencies.