Another Fire Incident In State, Now Electrical Warehouse


Beharampore: Another massive fire incident took place in the state on Monday night. This time it’s in Taltala area of Bhagabangola in Murshidabad, West Bengal. Immediately, the Lalbagh fire officials reached the spot and successfully brought the blaze under arrest. No loss of life was reported.

It’s been three days now the Bagri blaze has turned the busy market into an inferno now. The blaze is still on and the Kolkata police combat force has launched a special operation on Tuesday morning to check if any more pockets in the building still have any fire at all. Beside this, the massive fire in Bhagabangola has burnt nearly Rs 15 lakh electrical goods into ashes.

This incident has sparked panic in the area, this incident could have taken a tragic turn similarly like the Bagri incident. Here most of the shops were of electric appliances. But the immediate action of the fire officials brought the fire under arrest.The local police has started investigation regarding the cause of fire.