Another Baby’s Death Due To Negligence


Baruipur: Another incidence of baby’s death took place at Baruipur super speciality hospital on Wednesday. Negligence on the part of the hospital authorities is reason for the child’s death before delivery.

ফের হাসপাতালের গাফিলতিতে শিশুমৃত্যুর অভিযোগ

On April 23, forty years old Mira Rani Mondol of Gaabtola village under Kultoli police station got admitted to Baruipur super speciality hospital due to pregnancy. Initially she got admitted to local Jamtola health centre due to labour pain. She was later shifted to super speciality hospital after administering a dash of emergency care.

Relatives of Mira Rani Mondol alleged that doctors did not take proper care as a result the child died inside the womb. “For two days she was kept without any medical support. The doctors said that time has not come for the child’s delivery. Then on April 25, her health condition deteriorated and we had to call the doctors. Then in the afternoon, doctors informed that the child died inside the womb,” said one of Mondol’s family members. Hospital super Jaya Banerjee accepted the allegations. “I have heard about it.  I would go through the details of the incident before commenting anything”.

There was an element of tension when the news of a child’s death due to doctor’s negligence spread like wild fires. Police was deployed inside the hospital premise though no rowdy incidence reported.

Few days back, four month old Kuhali Chakraborty died at Apollo Gleneagles due to doctor’s negligence. There was tension and alarm among hospital employees, who abandoned their work stations on the ground floor and fled to the floors above as relatives, friends and neighbours of Abhijit and Biyash Chakraborty, parent of Kuhali reached the hospital. Some among them tried to break a glass door, but the cops were already there to defuse the tension.

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