Aninda Chattopadhyay’s Henchmen Arrested For Extortion


Kolkata: Trinamool Congress Councilor Aninda Chattopadhyay’s close associates named Nasim and Sindhu Kundu were arrested for the charge of extortion. Within twenty four hours of Aninda’s arrest police has arrested his henchmen on Thursday.

Police told that Aninda Chattopadhyay had directed his extortion nexus with help of his two conmen. Sources said, an influential relative of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had complained against Aninda Chattopadhyay and his aides. This allegation had opened Aninda and his syndicate gang’s Pandora’s Box.

After the arrest, Nasim disclosed his partner Sindhu Kundu’s name. Six separate cases including three non-bailable IPC sections have been charged against Nasim and Sindhu.