Animal Sacrifice Ban at Two Burdwan Temples

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Burdwan: The Practice of animal sacrifice was banned today after an initiative taken by the Burdwan District Collector at two Temples in Burdwan. The animal sacrifice was ended at the city’s Sarbamangala Temple and Birhata Kali Temple at Kalibazar Crossing. Due to the closure of such long term religious practices disappointed a certain percentage of people, but the greater lot was happy.

According to Municipality chairman and Sarbamangala Mandir trust Committee member, Dr. Swarup Dutta, people associated with the sacrifices will not lose their job, but keeping in mind the traders who benefit from the sacrifices he said, there will be fruit and vegetable sacrifices.

After the movement by the Indian science and Technology council and Humanist association at Burdwan in 2005 regarding the stopping of animal sacrifices, many Temples stopped this inhuman religious practice. Recently the initiative has been taken by Burdwan district Collector Dr. Soumitra Mohan personally. He had discussed the matter in a meeting with Kalibazar Boroma Kalimandir Committee. Both the temples priest agreed in stopping animal sacrifice and use fruits instead. Even they consider that his inhuman practice in name of religion should be stopped.

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Commenting over the matter, The humanist association said, they are welcoming this decision of the district collector. This practice should have been stopped long back. These type of inhuman act affects the mind of children and hence be banned.