‘Angular Impact Didn’t Open Airbags, Led To Sonika’s Death’


Kolkata: The white sedan that actor Vikram Chatterjee was driving early on Saturday had had the first point of impact on the left side at an angle, possibly explaining why the airbags had not opened. Had the airbags deployed, model-actress Sonika Singh Chauhan, sitting next to Chatterjee, could be saved.

The medical team of the Ruby hospital informed that Vikram’s condition was stable but till not out of trauma due to the accident. A special medical team has been set up for Vikram’s treatment.

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Car technicians and forensic experts, who examined the car and the accident spot on Rashbehari Avenue on Sunday. During their investigation they pointed out that airbags usually did not open in case of an angular impact, but deployed easily in a frontal collision.

Ateam of state forensic officers spent over an hour, hopping between the spot near Lake Mall and the car parked outside the Tollygunge police station for over an hour, before drawing a conclusion about the impact zones. “The car seemed to have been travelling at an excessive speed. It had the first point of impact on the left side around the headlight. Then it spun 180 degrees around and the back, near the taillight, got hit. Then it turned again, before hitting the edge of the right door above the front wheel. It came to a halt only after it had a very heavy impact above the right rear tyre,” said a forensic officer.

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Another officer claimed following preliminary investigations, drag marks on Rasbehari Avenue for nearly 80m showed the car was going at an excessive speed; the front tyres got jammed when the motorist slammed on the brakes suddenly, making the vehicle spin around. “It also looks like the person (Sonika) sitting next to the motorist was not wearing a seatbelt. As the car spun out of control, she was possibly thrown around inside the car and her head must have hit the windowpane, car roof, edge of the seat and the windshield,” he added. Doctors, who treated her on Saturday, had also hinted her death was owing to from internal injuries.

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Chatterjee and Chauhan were reportedly returning from a party when their crash took place early on Saturday. Chatterjee managed to crawl out of the car, while Chauhan continued to bleed from her head, ears and nose and subsequently died at Ruby General Hospital. Chatterjee is being treated at the same hospital. The police, however, did not comment if they questioned him on Sunday in connection with the negligence and rash driving case that led to Chauhan’s death.