Angry Customers Pelt Stones At SBI Branch, Smash ATM Machine

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Malda: A group of agitated customers pelted stones at an SBI branch, destroyed a nearby closed ATM on Friday at Malda.

The incident took place at Ratua area. The people got angry when the bank officials told them that due to shortage of cash they will not be able to dispense enough cash.

Residents of the nearby area standing in the queue outside the Balupar branch of State Bank of India were informed that every customer would be given only Rs 1,000.

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Many of them urged the bank officials to at least Rs dispense Rs 2,000 in cash to every customer, as it was the RBI guideline. But when they got to know that the bank did not have adequate amount of cash, out of sheer frustration they started pelting stones at the branch.

In fact, a closed ATM near the branch was also smashed, as reported by news agency ANI.

When the situation got out of hand, the staff of the branch downed shutters and informed the police. However, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.