An Alive Man Goes Through Autopsy In Burdwan


Burdwan: A bizarre incident took place in Kalna, Mirzabati area of East Burdwan. Autopsy is generally conducted on dead bodies but this place of West Bengal has witnessed a weird incident where an autopsy has been conducted on alive person.

Reportedly, Ashok Das (51), resident of Kalna, Mirzabati area of East Burdwan. On Friday night while getting back home from Momari on a motorbike he met with a fatal accident in which he lost his leg. Ashok’s bike was hit by another vehicle coming from the opposite side after losing control. In this accident Ashok’s right leg was severely injured and the lower portion of his right knee was cut off, in that situation he made a call to his family and informed them about the accident.Immediately his family reached at the spot and took him to the Burdwan Medical College And Hospital.

Doctor Utpal Dawn of the mentioned hospital said “A proper surgical infrastructure and Plastic surgery procedure is needed for fixing an amputated organ or parts of a body. There is no such infrastructure in Burdwan Medical College and Hospital. Moreover, in such cases, the patient has to be brought to the hospital within a short period after the accident.In the case of Ashok Das he was brought late, so we had to send the amputated portion of his leg for autopsy as per police instruction.”

The police said that the autopsy report will reveal whether Ashok’s foot was cut off in the fatal accident or someone deliberately cut it off. Police have been investigating the whole incident.