An Account Of Apeejay House Inferno, Inside Story


Mousumi Das, Kolkata: On Monday morning just a day before Kali puja the city faced another fire incident. Argha Bhattacharya, an employee of a French multinational pharmaceutical company describes the plight they faced while speaking to Kolkata24x7  in this morning after the inferno engulfed their office building.

He says, “ It was a regular day and we all were in a festive mood as Diwali is just knocking at the door. At around 11.00 am I along with my fellow colleagues were working inside the office, suddenly we noticed dark smokes coming out of the windows of our office.”

He stated that, “Initially we took it casually but soon the fire security alarm rang and we all rushed to the corridor where we found pitch-dark smokes had almost covered the area.”

Bhattacharya added that, he and his colleagues used the staircase that was crowded with people as everyone were trying to escape from the turmoil. Somehow we all managed to escape from the area. It was difficult to breathe there as the corridor was covered with huge black smoke. Meanwhile they find out the smoke was coming out from the server room of the Kotak Security office that was adjacent to their office.

Reportedly, both the offices were situated at Block-C of the Apeejay building. As per police source, as the smoke was noticed coming out from the server room of Kotak Security hence, it is possible the fire broke out there. As the electric equipment were present there at large amount so the fire spread out quickly. The police has started investigation regarding this incident.“He also added that, as the fire security alarm rang on time so we all were saved. But some of our employees tried to use the lift and they were stuck inside. The security guards soon rescued them and helped them to escape from the fire. When we all came out we noticed already nine fire tenders were at work. The fire tenders reached the spot within 15 minutes and began to douse the fire.”

“The fire is almost doused as of now. The Bagri fire incident had shaken the city just before the biggest festival of Bengal- Durga puja. Yet again another such incident before the Diwali has really saddened everyone. A proper mentainanace of the electrical equipment should be done regularly to avoid such devastating situations,” concludes Bhattacharya.

Just one and half month ago the city had witnessed a devastating fire incident of Bagri market in Burrabazar area of Kolkata. Huge loss of property was reported in that incident. Today, the Apeejay house fire have made the city dwellers to reminisce about Bagri incident.