‘Amra Akranta’ halted mid way by police


Kolkata: A rally organized by the group ‘Amra Akranta’ to Nabanna building, was halted mid way near Bangabashi xing by the police on Thursday.
The march was headed by Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra, Shiladitya Chowdhury and Hriday Ghosh. Police citing traffic issues forced the march to halt at Bangabashi, forcing the protester to stage their protest the xing.

The members of ‘Amra Akranta’ had earlier met the president urging him to intervene in the lawlessness and savagery going on in the state. The group on Wednesday declared that, they will conduct a march to Nabanna on Thursday to discuss the issue with CM.
The protesters, furious over the force halting of the march, said that the common people have been stripped of their right to freedom of expression.

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