‘Amma’ Wins Poll With 1.5 Lakh Margin


Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has won her election to the state legislature with a margin of 1.5 lakh votes.

Jayalalithaa’s victory from the constituency of RK Nagar, in the capital of Chennai, was expected. The size, however, reinforces that her popularity has taken no dings despite allegations of a corruption scam that led to her brief arrest last year.

Her nearest competitor in today’s election, C Mahendran of the Left, lost his deposit. The 67-year-old former movie star was disqualified as a legislator in September, when she was found guilty of acquiring vast wealth during her first term as Chief Minister in the 90s.

When she was jailed in Bangalore for three weeks, distraught supporters shaved their heads and set buses on fire; her party would later confirm that more than 200 people killed themselves after her conviction, distraught by the ordeal of their “Amma” (Mother) as she is known.