Amit slams Arun’s ‘anti people’ budget


Amit slams Arun’s ‘anti people’ budget

Kolkata: After a day of the submission of the Bengal Budget, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presents his Union Budget in the government. These are some of the issues raised by State FM Amit Mitra in connection to Arun Jaitley’s Union Budget:

Amit cited that there is a talk of increasing the share of devolution from 32% to 42% but the truth is, if all the grants all calculated together, in 2014, 61.88% was given, in 2015 the share is 62%

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Allocation for “Sarba Sikha Abhiyan” has been slashed by 22.14%, allocation for ICDS has been deducted by 50%. National Livelihood Mission decreased by 12%. A total grant to State in 2014 was Rs 4,05,582 Crore and in this year Rs 3,28,277 Crore, a reduction of 20%

Allocation to the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojona, Primary Education Sector, Health Sector not been increased. On behalf of the West Bengal Government, I must say this is an ‘anti people’ Budget, said Amit Mitra

The 14 Finance Commission predicted an allocation of 62.75% to the states. Central Government has not even able to reach the target. There is no relief to the tax payers for the individual payers. There is a talk of a package in the lines of Andhra Pradesh. We do not know the amount of package or any details