Amit Shah’s Meeting Can Paralyse Kolkata In Afternoon


Kolkata: The weekend wouldn’t be so peaceful in the city of Joy, says Kolkata Traffic Police. The scheduled meeting of BJP in Mayo Road. BJP has informed police that one lakh people will be gathered on this occasion. So traffic police has issued an alert for the commuters.

The flow of traffic used to be less in Kolkata on Saturday. But people from entire state have started to gather in Kolkata from Friday. So there’s chance of extreme congestion with the growing time. The meeting scheduled at 12 pm in presence of Amit Shah. Many state leadership will be present at the meeting.

Huge amount of Saffron supporters. The station area will higly on pressure as many people will travel through train. A rally will start from Hazra crossing. Another rally will start from state headquarter of Bharatiya Janata Party Murlidhar Lane.

The traffic will be high before 12pm. A rally will start from Ramlila Maidan will go to Ranirashmani Avenue via Moulali, S N Banerjee Roadand and will end at CIT Road.

The Sealdah station and its adjacent part will be highly congested. AJC Bose Road will be highly congested. Howrah Bridge, Rabindra Sarani, Bentick Street, Dorina Crossing will also get the same heat. So Kolkata Police is saying to avoid these roads till 3-4 pm on Saturday.