Amit Shah’s Lunch In Kashipore: Skipped Didi’s Constituency

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Kolkata: Kashipore gets decked up. As Amit Shah, who is on a three day tour to Bengal will have his lunch Kashipore on Wednesday. An RSS member Manash Sen of Kashipur Lock gate slums in North Kolkata will host Shah. Sen is an employee of a shopping mall.

The lunch will comprise rice, daal, vegetable fritters and curry of poppyseed paste. Sen is not worried about the consequences of having the top BJP person in his humble home of asbestos roof.

Earlier, State BJP leaders were looking for a house in Bhowanipore where Shah would stopover and lunch. However, plans got changed and BJP leaders were asked to look northward, leaving Didi’s “pada” in peace. Party stalwarts feel that Kolkata North Lok Sabha constituency has better electoral prospects than Kolkata South, the latter being synonymous with Didi’s turf.

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The Reason behind the change in plans could be that post Amit Shah’s visit in April, the Bhowanipore family where he lunched, came under a lot of pressure and harassment. The party doesn’t want to unnecessarily pick up confrontation, where it can be avoided.
Meanwhile, Shah was not ready to hear that the expansion of the party was suffering because of the atrocities of Trinamool Congress goons. He said that it was time to go for a head on, if it was necessary.

Sky is the limit for BJP and Party can think it has touched the Sky once it succeeds in forming the government in West Bengal,Shah claimed it. Urging the state BJP leaders and activists to keep working towards the growth of the party, BJP President Amit Shah said the party would achieve its ultimate goal when it forms the government in West Bengal.

Asking the party leadership in Bengal to get ready to send 21 MPs in 2019, he said Bengal, Orissa and Kerala were the party’s next destination.