Amit Mitra Submits State Budget 2016-17

  • 100 per cent rural electrification has been achieved under ‘Sobar Ghore Aalo’ scheme: Dr Amit Mitra
  • 732 Virtual classrooms (e-classrooms) with high-speed internet to be set up at universities and colleges: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Rs 1000 crore allotted to e-classroom project. Rs 57,905 crore allocated for planned expenditure: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Rs 200 crore allotted for Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means scholarship: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Over 8000 cases of tax disputes settled at fast track courts. We are doing away with Settlement Commission: Dr Amit Mitra
  • The deadline for disposal of tax dispute cases regarding VAT reduced from 1 year to six months: Dr Amit Mitra
  • We will do away with manual TDS certificate submission for work contracts. It can now be done online: Dr Amit Mitra
  • 2 lakh housings for the poor were made under Geetanjali scheme: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Integrated Financial Management System was launched which helped in optimal use of assets: Dr Amit Mitra
  • WB CM’s brainchild ‘Administrative Calendar’ is a model for the rest of the country: Dr Amit Mitra
  • One new municipality and three new municipal corporations were created: Dr Amit Mitra
  • A new district was created in Alipurduar, five new police commissionerates were created: Dr Amit Mitra
  • We have organised Bengal Global Business Summit twice which was attended by representatives of 31 nations: Dr Amit Mitra
  • We have focussed on MSME sector. Bank funding has increased substantially, which is highest in India: Dr Amit Mitra
  • UN has appreciated Bengal’s Nirmal Bangla Mission.4 top districts in Ind in cleanliness mission are from Bengal: Dr Amit Mitra
  • 85 lakh work days created with an expenditure of Rs 18000 crore: Dr Amit Mitra
  • We have registered 78,000 folk artistes under Lok Prasar Prakalpa: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Infant mortality in Bengal has come down from 32 to 27 per 1000 live births: Dr Amit Mitra
  • There has been a fivefold increase in disbursal of loans to Self Help Groups: Dr Amit Mitra
  • 30 lakh farmer families have received compensation after floods: Dr Amit Mitra
  • 174 lakh metric tonnes of food grains have been procured which is a record of sorts: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Institutional delivery has increased from 68 to 90%: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Several schemes of Bengal have been adopted as model by other States. Revenue deficit has come down to 1.03%: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Infrastructure sector spending increased by 4.5 times. Agriculture spending increased by 7 times over 2015-16: Dr Amit Mitra
  • We spend over Rs 94,000 crore to repay the debt incurred by the Left Front: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Social sector spending increased by 4.5 times. Agriculture spending increased by 7 times over 2015-16: Dr Amit Mitra.
  • We have a huge debt burden. Yet, we have followed fiscal discipline: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Fiscal deficit was 4.2% in 2010-11 and now it is 2.6%: Dr Amit Mitra
  • GSDP has risen to Rs 9,20,083 crore. Revenue has risen from Rs 20000 crore to Rs 42000 crore: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Capital Expenditure in 2015-16 rose seven fold over the capital expenditure in 2010-11: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Jean Drèze, famed economist, who penned books with Amartya Sen, praised Bengal’s Khadya Sathi scheme: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Kanyashree, Khadya Sathi, Sabuj Sathi, Fair Price Medicine Shops and e-governance are some of our achievements: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Planned Expenditure for 2015-16 was Rs 53000 crore, the highest ever: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Our aim is to establish Bengal as No 1 among States in every sector: Dr Amit Mitra
  • Mai bure halat ke tufano se ghabrata nahi. Mujhe apne hauslo pe betahyasa naaz hai: Dr Amit Mitr

Kolkata: State Finance Minister Amit Mitra on Friday presents the first budget of the TMC government’s second term.

The budget session which started on June 17 concludes on July 4. Terming debt traps as “death traps”, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday called for a discussion among states on the issue.

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“It is true that the state has taken loans worth Rs 1.13 lakh crore in the last five years. But out of it, Rs 94,000 crore has been used to repay loans procured by the previous government… From where will I get the money for development projects? This is a serious problem,” Mamata told the state Assembly on the third day of discussion on the Governor’s speech.

“Paying heavy instalments to repay loans is not a problem only faced by Bengal. Many states face similar problems… Three states — Kerala, West Bengal and Punjab — are already in debt traps. These are not debt traps but death traps. This is very destructive for the federal structure,” she added. The CM said that all states were slowly heading towards debt traps and requested the Speaker to arrange a discussion among all states to talk about the issue.