Amirul, Rafikul Support Souvik Amid Ongoing Baduria Violence


Basirhat: When Bashirhat turned into a battleground over a social media post, when the violence led to the war over words between 2 constitutional heads, the ‘muslim’ neighbours were the ones who were protecting Souvik with all their might.

A peaceful village, where existed zero clash between any community, are now afraid of trusting each other. Souvik Sarkar, the class XI student who has spent his life without a mother, is the one whose facebook post triggered the Baduria communal violence. Though the situation is reportedly almost under control, the fire has not been extinguished yet. Alleged violence is still on in Baduria , Deganga and Swarupnagar.

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Where violence showed the brutality of humans against each other, humanity tried proving it otherwise. The president of Magurkhola Milan Masjid Committee broke down while describing the chilling situation. Amirul Islam, the president said, “At first I did not know exactly what happened, then my nephew told me that nearly three hundred people have gathered at Bablu Sarkar’s ( Souvik’s uncle ) house. After reaching there I found that those youths were searching Bablu Sarkar’s nephew Souvik. Meanwhile, few of them had set their house ablaze.”

Amirul added that despite revealing his identity he could not stop them from torching Souvik’s uncle’s house. A youth Maksud, who is employed in fire station, immediately informed the fire brigade. The situation was brought under control after the fire tenders rushed to the spot immediately from Gobordanga.

দমকলে খবর দেয় মকসুদ, শৌভিককে বুক দিয়ে আগলে রেখেছিলেন আমিরুল

It is often said that when every door closes, one door will definitely open on the other side. Amid such violence, the unity of the Hindus and Muslims in the village led the assailants to flee. The following persons, irrespective of the community to which they belong, have lent out support to Souvik.

Another old man named Rafikul Islam said that such incident of communal clash have never happened in this village before. He reflected the merry times of their village. All the villagers together celebrate each and every festival happily. Whether it is Durgapuja or Ramadan, they play and work together. He alleged that some miscreants from outside entered their village and had spread the violence.

A school teacher from Basirhat, Tapan Haldar said that Souvik is a very good boy and he wondered how such an incident could happen with him.

A grocer Sonatan Sarkar said that he did not even feel that any communal clash ever happened in this village. Once they faced problem during election, they were not allowed to reach to the polling booth for voting. But it was solved later he came to know that some people in Deganga have tried to create trouble.

A villager named Suprakash Halder said that every evening everyone enjoys the Kirtan that takes place at his place and the sound of Azaan at the same time. He concluded by saying that there is no communal clash among the villagers but questioned why the clash is still on outside.

Some questions do come out strongly which questions over the entire Baduria violence. If such unity could be seen in the same village which has turned wild over a facebook post, then which discreet entity brought trouble? If both the members of the community could lend out support to Souvik, then which community has tried to wash away peace from Baduria?

Reported By: Bijoy Roy
Edited By: Mousumi Dash