Aminia Provides Free Food To Majerhat Rescue Workers

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Kolkata: In an excellent initiative by the Aminia restaurant, they are providing
free food to those who are involved in the rescue work soon after the collapse of
the Majerhat bridge on Tuesday.

Aminia is providing both vegetarian and chicken biriyanis to at least 400 rescue
workers including NDRF, DMG (Kolkata Police), other members of Kolkata Police and
other voluntary helpers.

Aminia is providing the biriyanis completely free of cost. Not only this, but many
employees and staff of Aminia is also rushed to the spot to help them in the rescue
work. During the rescue work, they took the decision to help the rescuers by
providing them food. Since Tuesday night, two types of biriyanis are being sent.

Spot Visuals

Firoz Molla, Aminia’s operational head, said, “Aminia has been serving biriyani to
people for 90 years. The Kolkatans have themselves established Aminia as a renowned
brand. We will not let go off any opportunity to help people during this time of
need. We will send biriyani and water till the day the Majerhat rescue work ends.
We want to act like a responsible citizen.”

Firoz Molla also said, “We are sending more than 400 packets of biriyani everyday.
We are trying to do this work by thinking that it is our duty as a citizen. We do
not want to know how much work is being spent for this work. A human life is more
prescious than money.”

The rescuers, who are working day and night to rescue anyone trapped in the debris
of the Majerhat bridge, have praised this effort of Aminia.

Reporting By: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Editing By: Saheli Dey