Amid N Korea Tension, US Deploys F-35 Fighter Jets To Japan


Washington: The threat from North Korea’s developing nuclear and conventional weapons programme has reached a “critical and imminent level”, Japan’s defence minister has claimed. Amid threat US has sent a squadron of the world’s best fighter planes to japan. US now are sending F-35 fighter jets for six-month deployment in Japan. The hailed aircraft will arrive at the Kadena Air Base at the start of November as part of a six-month deployment initiative.

The warplanes 34th Fighter Squadron will arrive from Hill Air Force Base at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, in November. F-35As are regarded as the world’s most advanced jet, and will totally outmatch any air power deployed by North Korea.

Twelve A-models of the fighter jet will be supported by 300 airmen from Utah as part of the deployment. The aircraft announcement comes after F-35s made an appearance at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition last week.

The fighters can fly at altitudes of 50,000ft and at speeds of more than 1200mph. They are bristling with laser guided missiles and bombs, and are designed to blitz ground targets and own the skies. F-35As cost around £75 million each and thousands of the planes are set to be rolled out across the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.