American Woman Wears Indian Sarees To Protest Against Trump


Washington: An American woman in Chicago, Stacy Jacobs has taken the Internet by storm on account of her inspirational Instagram pictures with a strong social message.

She promotes her thoughts on the Trump administration, misogyny, the refugee and immigrant crisis, Trump’s healthcare bill that never happened all while wearing Indian sarees, with the captions #ProtestSarees #SareeNotSorry #BordersAreForSareesShe graduated from Knox College where she became friends with Indians and Pakistanis, and they introduced her to their culture and the game of Bridge.

She first came to India in 2015 to participate in the 2015 World Bridge Championship, in Chennai.

And ever since her life and Instagram have been flooded with Indian textiles and handloom.

In one picture she says, “For the millions of brown women around the world who struggle with powerlessness and voicelessness but never give up. I will never stop using my #WhitePrivilege in the service of others.”