American Dean Confused After Indian Student Touches His Feet


Chicago: Videos often go viral for its own unique USP. But this particular video has gone viral for all the right reasons. Indians have been circulating a video of an Indian student touching the feet of his American dean. Culture comes first for any Indian, be it in India or abroad.

Cultural diversity is a beautiful thing and with people from different countries increasingly coming together, the world has seen examples of people embracing different traditions and ideas. While the results can be endearing, sometimes it can also put people in awkward situations.Respecting elders and teachers is an integral part of Indian culture, and this was why an Indian student showed during the convocation at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. After shaking hands with the dean, he proceeded to touch his feet before walking of the stage.

While the gesture was meant to show respect, the American dean was visibly puzzled at the boy touching his feet. The video of the baffled dean has gone viral on social media.