Amend RTE To Scrap No-Detention Policy: CABE


New Delhi: The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) recommended on Tuesday that the ‘no-detention’ clause in the Right to Education Act be amended. This could result in children from Class V till Class VIII being held back if they fail the school examination.

However, announcement on having compulsory Class X board examination of CBSE will be made later. HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said it was felt that since it is only CBSE that has made board examination optional and it is under the central government, a separate announcement will be made very soon. Though part of CABE’s agenda, the issue was taken off at the last minute.

Talking about ‘no-detention’, Javadekar said states will be empowered to evolve their own policy of detention from Class V onwards. However, there will be re-test for students who fail. This policy will come into force from 2018 but before that the RTE Act would have to be amended. The battle will now shift to Parliament where some parties are likely to oppose deletion of ‘no-detention’ clause.

Javadekar said the RTE Act will also be amended to extend the period of having trained teachers by another five years. The Act stipulates that all teachers be trained till 2015 but there are still five lakh untrained teachers who face termination. The law ministry has suggested that the clause in RTE Act related to training of teachers be amended before the ‘no-detention’ clause since it is unlikely to meet with resistance in Parliament.

CABE also decided that learning outcomes for each class will be codified and made part of the RTE. “Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is mentioned in the RTE Act but it is not known what should a student achieve at the end of each class. Now it will be codified and made part of RTE rules,” Javadekar said. Tamil Nadu opposed the New Education Policy and said it is against majority of the “pearls” of the draft report. However, Javadekar assured that there is no policy yet. He said another committee will be formed to formalise the policy after which it will be approved by the cabinet.

CABE also decided to form a sub-committee on girls’ education. It will be headed by Kadiyam Srihari, deputy CM and education minister of Telangana.

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