‘Ambani, Adani Knew of Currency Ban’: BJP MLA Caught on Tape


Jaipur: Video footage of a BJP MLA saying that top businessmen such as the Adanis and the Ambanis knew about demonetisation prior to its implementation, has been doing the rounds on social media.

Originally posted by a self-proclaimed Congress supporter, the video footage which appears to be shot discreetly shows Bhawani Singh Rajawat, BJP MLA from Rajasthan, claiming that the top class businessmen had already sorted out their black money.

It could have been a step by step move. The government could have given people some time to get things in order. The Adanis and Ambanis already knew about it and sorted their money in advance.

Bhawani Singh, BJP MLA from Kota. The BJP MLA was seen criticising the implementation of an ‘unplanned’ currency ban.

Bhawani Singh is not new to controversies. Previously he demanded criminal background check for Bihari students in Kota and adviced bikers not to wear a helmet, arguing that it was uncomfortable and caused baldness.