Amazon’s Smart Locker Will Enable 24 Hours Deliveries


New Delhi: Online shopping is the entire craze in the current times. If you are looking for a unique product, you instantly head over to Amazon or Flipkart and find your stuff with a lot of financing and delivery options.

However, while the shopping process has become easier, getting the delivery of your order is a difficulty, especially if you are a bachelor and have no one else to take the delivery on your behalf. It seems that Amazon has identified the issue and has come up with a great idea to solve it.

Called ‘The Hub’, the thing looks like an ordinary locker with a computer screen. However, behind its ordinary appearance, the simple-looking locker is a genius of an idea to solve the problem of delivery for people around the world.

This is how it works – the delivery personnel will place the order into one of the lockers and provide a delivery code to the buyer. All the buyer has to do is input the delivery code into the computer and open the locker to take delivery of the product.

While it doesn’t sound fancy, the locker can be of great help to bachelors or those who cannot be present at the delivery address for delivery. It is also helpful for those who don’t trust the neighbours to take delivery of their order on their behalf.

The best thing about ‘The Hub’ is that Amazon has made it available for all other carriers, which means you don’t have to be an Amazon customer to lap up the benefits. ‘The Hub’ can be installed in apartment buildings by filling out a form.

The product is right now available in the United States. However, a product like this would be beneficial to a country like India which is embracing the western culture of living independently.