Amazon In Soup Again Over Sale Of Distorted Indian Map


New Delhi: Amazon Canada is once again in trouble after a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader observed that the online site was selling an incorrect version of the map of India.

BJP Delhi spokesperson Tajinder Pal S Bagga found that Amazon Canada is selling a map of India that differs from the Indian government’s official one.

Bagga took to Twitter to raise concern about the vinyl wall sticker map that excludes areas disputed by Pakistan and China asking them to take it down. “ is selling distorted Map of India. It’s unacceptable. Remove this from ur website & stop selling immediately [sic],” Bagga Tweeted.

The product which is said to have transgressed the 2016 Geospatial Information Regulation Bill is being sold by an unknown seller who recently registered on the website.

The seller goes by the name of ‘DIYthinker’ and is selling Vinyl wall stickers of the map for C$ 25.35.

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According to the draft, it will be mandatory to take permission from a government authority before acquiring, disseminating, publishing or distributing any Geospatial Information of India.

It proposes up to seven-year jail term and Rs 1-100 crore fine if one doesn’t abide the rules.

It is not the first time that the company has landed in controversy for selling things related to India. In January this year, Amazon had apologised for selling doormats bearing the Indian national flag on its Canadian website, and removed the product.

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