Amazing: Now You Can Get Tandoori & Bullet Puchka In Kolkata


Kolkata: In the northern realm of the country, it is known as golgappa, whereas the denizens of the western frontier call it pani puri. But can you imagine Tandoori Puchka? Yes it is in available in our Kolkata now.

তন্দুরি থেকে রকেট! কলকাতায় ১৭ ফুচকায় বাজিমাত প্রবেশের

A deep fried hollow sphere stuffed with a delicious mix of mashed potatoes and tamarind water is as much a treat to the eyes as they are to the mouth. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a resident in Kolkata, but your day in the city is not complete if you haven’t been to the street stalls that offer Puchka.

It is a tale of amazing Puchkawala who pushed the puchka enthusiasm and served it with many varities. Meet Pravesh who has created 17 different types of puchkas. You’ll find him on Alipore Road. If you are a puchka lover then must visit Pravesh panipuri stall. You will get 17 types of puchkas including rocket puchka. Natural foodie in Kolkattans is always ready to taste the different and that’s why Pravesh created this variety.

Here are the list of Puchkas:-
Ghugni puchka
Dahi puchka
Alu dum puchka
Chocolate puchka
Pakodi Puchka
Batata Puchka
Dhokla Puchka
Bullet Puchka
Sejoyan Puchka
Water Mix Puchka
Churmur Puchka
Rocket Puchka
Sukha Puchka
Tometto Puchka