Amartya Sen takes on Govt ‘interference’ at educational Institutions


New Delhi: Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen took on the Modi Government accusing it of interfering into academic institutions from control them. In an essay to be published in the August issue of New York Review of Books he has given a candid opinion about his ouster from the Nalanda University. He has also talked about the measures taken by the government to control the reputed academic institutions of the country.

Sen has said that some members of the board of Nalanda University wanted him to continue but he himself stepped aside fearing a cut in government funds and he himself didn’t want to be an effective leader.  In the interview, Sen cited instances of educational institutes like TIFR, NBT, ICHR- where the government allegedly put academicians perceived closer to them, replacing more worthy individuals.

He has put the blame of interference not only on the HRD Ministry but to the entire NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.