‘Amarnath Attack Needs To Be Condemned In One Voice’


New Delhi: A defence expert on Monday called on all the political parties of Jammu and Kashmir for a unanimous condemnation of the Amarnath terror attack.

Speaking to ANI , defence expert PK Sehgal said, “All political parties of Jammu and Kashmir, including hurriyat and the separatists in one voice should condemn this attack because nobody wants attack on Amar nath yatris for the simple reason that their livelihood for the entire year of lakh of Kashmiris is dependent on this yatra.”

Reacting to the reports that Pakistani terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) was behind the terror attack on the Amarnath Pilgrim, Sehgal said that there was absolutely no denying that the attack was executed by the former.

“A very professional and a very thorough investigation has been carried out which has brought out beyond an iota of doubt that this attack was masterminded by Let of Pakistan. Their aim was to create communal violence,” he added.

He further noted that the Indian forces reacted in a very sane and matured manner and no communal violence took place in Amarnath.

Another defence expert Praful Bakshi raised questions about the preparedness of the Indian armed forces against terrorism.

“This information was already there will be the intelligence that attack is going to come. India forces should have stopped the attack before taking place. Which they failed to do,” said Bakshi.

“By doing so the Pakistan army will feel the pinch and they will start coming to negotiation table,” he added.

The Kashmir Police on Sunday said that Pakistani terrorist organisation LeT was behind the terror attack on the Amarnath Pilgrim ,claiming that they are quite near and hopefully would “eliminate” the militants involved pretty soon.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Munir Khan said that three accused persons have also been arrested. “After the hard work by Kashmir Police and Special Investigating Team (S.I.T), three accused persons namely Bilal Rishi, a shopkeeper of Iqbal Mohalla Bijweara, Ajaz Ahmad medical representative of a pushkariri Sirigufara and Zahoor Ahmad Sheikh a SRTC driver at Khir valley, have been arrested.

Khan further stated that these three accused helped the terrorists in carrying out the attack and have ‘have completely revealed everything’ to the police.

“Investigation established has conducted that these three accused persons in association with four terrorists of LeT i.e. Ismail alias Harum, Mavia from Pakistan, Furkan, a Pakistani and a local named Yavar Bashir code Ayan son of Bashir Ahmed Wani a resident of a village named Hablsih, carried out the attack,” IGP Khan said.

As many as seven people were killed and fifteen others injured after a group of terrorists opened fire on a bus carrying 17 pilgrims from Baltal to Mir Bazar earlier on July 10.

The incident occurred on July 10 at 8:20 pm when the bus, carrying 17 pilgrims from Baltal to Mir Bazar, became victim to the terror attack.