Alprax or Lidocaine Overdose Caused Sunanda’s Death: FBI


New Delhi: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar may have died of an overdose of either anti-anxiety drug alprax or local anesthetic lidocaine, suggests of the FBI lab which analysed her viscera sample.

The 16-page report said she died due to poisoning, but ruled out radioactive substances like polonium, a combination of illicit drugs, or alcohol abuse.
The lab report listed traces of both alprax and lidocaine in her viscera sample, and only further investigation can conclude how it entered her body.

There was earlier speculation that Sunanda may have died as a result of poisoning through a radioactive substance like polonium. Strips of alprax were found near Pushkar’s body by investigators following her death at a five star hotel in south Delhi on January 17, 2014.

The report from the Washington lab of the Federal Bureau of Investigations which was submitted to Delhi Police in mid-2015 was subsequently analysed by AIIMS. AIIMS in its report this month suggested it should be investigated whether she was injected with insulin, which could be fatal if a person was starving for two-three days. Investigators had also found an unexplained needle mark on Pushkar’s body.

Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi told CNN-IBN it is clear that Pushkar’s death was “unnatural.” “Only further investigation will tell us if suicide, homicide or an accident is,” he said. Forensic expert Dr SK Shukla, who was in the studios to analyse the FBI report, said the findings suggested “something fishy “in her death.

Tharoor has been already been questioned thrice in the murder case, and six witnesses including his domestic help Narayan Singh, driver Bajrangi and friend Sanjay Dewan subjected to lie detector tests.