Along With Benjamin Netanyahu Baby Moshe To Visit India


New Delhi: Moshe Holtzberg who left India nine years ago as a survivor of 26/11 will be visiting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit India in January 2018 – six months after his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi visited the Jewish state.

His visit comes almost 15 years after Ariel Sharon visited New Delhi in 2003. Modi’s standalone visit to Israel in July this year celebrated 25 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Indian Prime Minister skipped Palestine during his trip leading many analysts to say that New Delhi was changing its rules of engagement in the region.

Modi’s visit, the first by an Indian Prime Minister, was termed by many as de-hyphenation of New Delhi’s ties with the Palestinians.

In a balancing act, South Block is working towards scheduling Prime Minister Narendra Modis trip to Palestine in February within a month of Netanyahus visit.