Almost 100 Families Join TMC Before LSPolls


Balurghat: Loksabha elections knocks the door. All parties are now busy with their campaigning. In West Bengal, Thousands of people from the Gangarampur Municipality area joined the grassroots on Thursday.

In support of party candidate Arpita Ghosh, the election meeting was going on in the local Borodangi area under the Chairman of Prasanta Mitra. The grassroots councilors of the municipality were present in the meeting. Hundreds families were also present there.

At the end of the meeting, hundreds of people from the area expressed their willingness to join the TMC. Chairman Prasanta Mitra welcomed them and handed over the party flag.

On this day, Janardan Haldar said that they used to walk regularly with party flag in hand in the meeting of those two groups BJP and CPI. But they are overwhelmed by the way in the Gangarampur municipality-led by Trinamool. Despite this, District BJP President Suvendu Sarkar said that the whole drama is just a play. In contrast, many people join the BJP every day, leaving either Trinamool or others in the district.