Allah! Scared Locals Cry In Despair


Kolkata: Within 12 days of the Majherhat bridge collapse, the city witnesses
another horrific incident from Sunday.

The locals started seeing fire and smoke from midnight. When the first spark
emerged, no one noticed it probably. But later on, everyone witnessed how the fire
gutted one of the city’s oldest market. Apart from the businessmen, the locals are

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When the fire’s spark emerged from inside the building, cries and prayers in
despair could be heard from the scared locals. ‘Allah! Allah’ is in everyone’s
mouth. The residents of the adjoining houses have been evacuated already. They are
taking names of ‘Allah’ and coming out.

Presumtions are there that the building of the Bagri market could collapse any
moment. The fire tending officials are trying hard to douse the flames. The army
has reached the spot already. But the locals are still scared. The businessmen said
that losses worth crores of rupees have been incurred.

The locals said that the fire spread fast due to the presence of inflammable
substances inside the building. The area is filled in smoke.

Reported by: Debjani Sarkar
Edited by: Saheli Dey