All Night Vigilance Of Firefighters At Kolkata Medical College


Kolkata: After a crucial battle of five hours, the blaze is under control in Kolkata Medical College. But the midnight visit of authority has turned up the panic among people.

Water supply was on throughout the night in the spot. The fire engulfed place was under strict vigilance after the firefighter team controlled the fire. The firefighter team visited the spot in the midnight and experienced tremendous heat coming out of the place. So they continued the water supply in the spot.

A firefighter official said that, “The continuous heat coming out of the place may turn the situation critical in a less time. It happens that the boiling situation might create crack in the building which might collapse the building too. So the authority did not take any risk keeping all the parameters in mind.” Three fire fighter engine were present in the building. Apart from this, people were there to inspect the building as the blaze has effected the state of the building. The patients have been shifted to their bed after blaze came under control. The officials did nor take any risk on this.

On the other hand, the police officials were on with their surveillance. Police picket has been set in the hospital area. HRFS, a team of Kolkata Police was there. The families of the patients are spending their days in anxiety. Many families spend the night in the hospital area with a fearful mind.