All is not well at ‘Chhit Mahal’ on ‘Bhasa Divas’


Coochbehar: All is not well for the residents of ‘Chhit Mahal’. Due to the lack of transportation the residents of this common border area have not been able to go to Bangladesh.

Every year more than hundred people visit Bangladesh on this very occasion to pay tribute to the brave hearts who had fought for the right of their mother language. Seeking permission of the Government, the residents of ‘Chhit Mahal’ witness the ceremony with unique posters and flags over the last five years or so. But this year, due to the unavilability of any transportation facility, they are being devoid of this sentiment. The distance between the two places is almost 400 kilometres making it nearly impossible for them to traverse the distance by foot.

The local transport drivers are mainly stepping back from entering Bangladesh due to the disturbing political turmoil which is going on in the country. The locals have restored themselves by paying tribute to the brave hearts at the ‘Shahid Bedi’ of the area.