All Citizens Will Not Get Ration Rice At Rs 2 Per Kg


Kolkata: The high-profile citizens are no more entitled to chief minister Mamata
Banerjee’s pet project Khadya Sathi, under which the ration card holders are entitled to two kg of rice per week per head at Rs 2 per kg.

According to the food department, on collaboration with a private organisation, those who are not under the Below-the-poverty-line (BPL) will not get rice at Rs. 2 per kg.

Along with cereals, other products such as biscuit, health drink, tooth paste and
other such commodities will be available from the ration shops. Those who will not get the cereals, they will be able to buy the above mentioned commodities at subsidised rates. The amount of the subsidised rates will be meted out by the government. This decision was taken at a high-level meeting at the food department. A file on this matter has been sent to the CMO. It just awaits the CM’s nod.

According to sources, the division will be made through two types of ration cards, namely PDS card and non-PDS card. Those under the PDS card will get ration cereals.
Non-PDC card holders will be entitled to get the other commodities except cereals at reduced rates.

In a survey conducted by the food department in 2011, several families are not dependent on ration cereals. Many families out of sympathy, provide cereals purchased using their card, to the less-income families. Hence, in an attempt to directly let the BPL citizens receive their cereals, the government is taking such a measure.

Earlier, this method was started using the digital ration card. But a lot of problems occured due to the digital system. Instances of people taking commodities from ration shops using another person’s digital ration card, have been many. According to the rule, those under BPL list should get the cereals at lesser rates. However, PDS and non-PDS cards will be much more advances ad claimed by the food department. It needs mention that digital ration card system have not been started at several places yet.

The department has also said that non-PDS miniature chip based ration ward will also be made functional by the government, which will be similar to the digital card.