After Alishba, Mohammed Bhai Refutes Match-Fixing Allegations


New Delhi: After being in the centre of match-fixing allegations over the last few days, English businessman Mohammed Bhai has claimed innocence, saying that as an Indian “he would never let the country down”.

Mohammed Bhai’s name was dragged into a match-fixing controversy by Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan, who claimed that the India cricketer accepted cash from a “girl called Alishba from Pakistan” at the behest of Mohammed Bhai from Dubai.

After the allegations, Alishba gave a statement admitting to meeting Shami in Dubai last month but claimed that she has never met Mohammed Bhai. On Tuesday, Mohammed Bhai admitted he has socialised with Shami, but refuted all the allegations, according to a report on the International Business Times website.

“Neither have I done anything wrong, nor am I associated with such things. I never talked of match-fixing or offered money to anyone. I was born in India and won’t ever let my country down,” Mohammed Bhai, who was born in Surat but has been running a small mobile phone business in London for over two decades, told national media.

“I am hearing the name Alishba for the first time through the media. I have never met any woman called Alishba in my life. I am open to any probe by the BCCI or anti-corruption agencies. Even if I have to go through a lie-detector or narco test, I am up for it. I will cooperate with the agencies if they approach me.”

Mohammed Bhai said that he used to take Shami and his wife, who reportedly calls him ‘bhaiya’ (brother), out for meals or shopping when they were in England on tours.