Alipore Zoo’s Newest Inmate

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Kolkata: A zebra at Alipore zoo gave birth to a male foal on Wednesday morning. The baby was born around 6.10am and was up and running within 30 minutes. The latest arrival has taken the zebra count in the zoo to nine.

“The mother is extremely protective about the baby and is not letting anyone in the herd near it. The only exception is another male foal, born to another zebra on January 17.” The newborn takes the zebra count in the zoo to nine.

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“The mother and the baby both are doing fine,” a zoo official said. The baby has had only his mother’s milk till now. The mother is on a diet of grass, oats, carrots and sweet potatoes, along with calcium and vitamin supplements, zoo official said.

Now, the chief attendant is keeping an eye on mother and baby, the official said. Both the mother and the baby are doing fine now. The baby is running around his mother,” official said.