Alipore Zoo To Welcome The Fastest Kangaroo In The World


Kolkata: Alipore zoo will get new members on their own den. After a gap of two years, visitors to Alipore zoo will get a glimpse of kangaroos soon.

Four grey kangaroos, known to be the fastest kangaroo in the world, will arrive from Japan’s Yokohama zoo in the early hours of Thursday .These animals are being gifted to the city zoo.

On Friday , a pair of jaguars, Asiatic lions and six mouse deer will also arrive from Hyderabad zoo. These animals are being brought under an exchange programme under which the Alipore zoo will have to part ways with two of its giraffes. The last jaguar had died in the city zoo four years ago.

The last kangaroo at the zoo, a red one, had died in October 2015. In 2011, Alipore zoo had procured four red kangaroos from the Czech Republic, all of which died by 2012. A female among them had given birth to a joey before her death, which died later in October 2015.

Member secretary of state zoo authority , V K Yadav , said that the grey kangaroos will reach the city airport around 12.30am on Thursday in a Thai Airways flight. ” A day later on Friday , two jaguars, two Asiatic lions and six mouse deer will arrive from the Hyderabad zoo,” Yadav added.

The red kangaroos had earlier died of myopathy -a disease of the muscles. Alipore zoo director AK Samanta said that these kangaroos are hardier than the previous ones. Visitors will also get to see jaguars in the zoo after a gap of four years. The last female jaguar had died in the Alipore zoo in 2013 after a prolonged illness.Samanta said they would be brought by road and will probably reach on Friday night.

Sources said the blood samples of the lions being brought from Hyderabad zoo were tested in the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology , a premier research organisation based in Hyderabad. Earlier, the lions were supposed to be brought from Gujarat’s Junagarh zoo.